What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a method of growing plants without using any soil.  The plants are normally grown in a controlled environment so that the use of dangerous pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are not needed.  The plants are suspended and the roots are sprayed with a solution that provides them with all of the nutrients that they need to be healthy.

Plants grown using this method will often grow much faster than plants grown in soil.  Aeroponics also conserves water. There is very little evaporation because it is a closed system and the water is only used by the plants.  There is no soil to dry out the roots of the plants or to keep the water on the roots of the plants causing diseases such as root rot.  The process of the nutrient solution being sprayed onto the roots of the plants ensures that the water stays oxygenated.

The definition of aeroponics according to Webster’s Dictionary is:


noun, plural in form but singular in construction aero·pon·ics \¦er-ō-¦pä-niks\

Definition of AEROPONICS

:  the growing of plants by suspending their roots in the air and spraying them with nutrient solutions <Hydroponics allows us to grow plants in a water-and-nutrient solution, while aeroponics grows them in a nutrient-laden mist. — Dickson D. Despommier, New York Times, 24 Apr. 2009

Example of a Simple Aeroponics System:

Simple Aeroponics System

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